Thank you for reading.

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Hello. My name is Ash. I am 23 years old. I am a paediatric physiotherapist.  I like sweet potato. Today a man came and put new light bulbs in my house and they hurt my eyes. The hairdresser put a steam globe over my head and it made my eyelashes stick together. I have a new old hat and some sweet shoulderpads. Thank you for reading.

ADDITION: can someone bring me some lollies plz.

EXTRA ADDITION: it’s ok, I went and got some from the petrol station.

My hair is no longer black.

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And now I can barely afford to live for the next two weeks.

Also, the affair I’m having with a communist from London has been uncovered. I will now be moving to London instead, to be with him. Sorry if that ruins your fairytale, everyone.