I have a sweet shag rug.

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And I found this drawing of Bridie, from yeeeears ago. Sharpie most likely. I would LOVE to see this on a wall somewhere.



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While in England over christmas, I closed my eyes, moved my finger around the map, and opened them with the intention of going to wherever my finger was pointed. As a result, I ended up in Bristol, home to “Skins”, Banksy and as I soon found out, the WORST hostel in the whole of Europe.

I never thought I would have the privilege of seeing one of Banksy’s pieces, but wandering around hungover looking for somewhere to buy a big breakfast, I looked up and saw this-

Of course, I’m assuming this is Banksy’s work, considering it was in Bristol and uses his distinct stencilling style. If this is in fact by someone else, please let me know and I will correct it! Photo taken with LC-A+ and slide film. It’s a shame someone decided it was worth putting blue paint on. For more of this, go to Banksy’s website