Oh hallo, Mr ghost.

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True ghost. I swear. Just floatin’ around in the house. Smenaaaaa.

I am horrendously irritable. It’s lasted a week. I’m hoping it goes away soon. Tonight I’m getting my hair done, which may help. It’s a month until my exhibition and I’m sooooo disorganised. I want so many things I can’t afford. I have 5 kilos too many on me at any given time. I’m sick of rude people. I’m sick of people talking mindless shit. I can’t tolerate it. I am a cynical semi-hermit.

I’m also going through a massive “I have no talent whatsoever” phase, which depresses me and makes me entirely unmotivated, and makes me feel like anyone could pick up a camera and take photos of similar or better quality and character.

BUT.  I don’t do this to impress people. I like the photos I take. No one else can take photos like I can, because they reflect me. They’re different, imperfect, and I have complete ownership over every one of them. (I have to keep telling myself that)

Hello, Ebay dress I can’t financially justify

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I shall wear the shit out of you.

(This is not me, it is the model in the picture. They have a blog, too)

Today will be excellent, we’re going to Savers (thrift superstore), Vegie Bar on Brunswick st for lunch, and lots of photo-ing armed with Box Brownies, a Smena and the good old LC-A+. I love Melbourne.



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Today is Daniel’s birthday. Daniel is one of my best friends. I ruv.


Go visit his blog, I enjoy it.

In other news, I almost passed out today at a dance class. Full on, black-in-front-of-the-eyes semi pass out. I think today I may have eaten too many plums, and not enough bread. Or something. Isn’t that how it goes?

I got my Diana Mini in the mail. I’m hoping Ballarat decides to stop being a bitch so I can go out and take photos of it on the weekend. I’m not sure I’m going to survive this winter.

My Diana Mini is here!

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This means a road trip up to Bendigo to pick it up. In other news, I will most likely have my first article published in a physiotherapy journal within about a month. Hoorayyyyyyy. I am living on different varieties of home made juice because I bought a new blender. I just had a breakfast smoothie, it was INCREDIBLE.

Rice milk

I could live on this drink forever.
It is also now less than 2 months before Jamie gets here. I’m the tiniest bit worried about this volcano business.


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Study sciences. Study specialist math. Study languages. Dux your highschool. Get into a course that requires a 96. Get high enough grades to be accepted into the academic society. Don’t do drugs. Don’t smoke. Don’t have sex. Graduate. Get a good job. Mingle. Don’t get tattoos in places that show. Smile at patronising people. Go to clubs. Wear colours. Eat 3 meals. Take out your piercings. Don’t waste your time on things people don’t understand. Date guys who don’t waste their time on art and music or smoke or look weird. Work full time. Hide your dreams because they are ridiculous and make people look at you with disappointment and confusion. Become a grade 2, a grade 3. Do a masters. Do a PhD. Open a clinic. Get married to someone with a successful career who doesn’t waste their time on art or music or smoke or look weird. Have children. Own a house. Get an investment property. Go to SE Asia for holidays. Read Twilight. Read Harry Potter. Read the Bible. Watch current affairs shows about neighbours from hell. Listen to Fox. Listen to NOVA. Believe in God. Don’t get angry. Don’t criticise. Be organised. Be tolerant.  Be a success. Choose reason over love.

Be what you SHOULD be.

I just re-read this, and realised it’s sort of like the opening to “trainspotting”. It’s not. It’s my frustration. I hate society, and its expectations. I want to escape.

I want my holidays!!

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While we’re on the topic of soft grain, I think that’s what gives this image something. This is Daniel. Lomo Smena Symbol.

Work is manic this week. It’s the last week of term, which means there are deadlines for reports, everyone is tired and my most used phrase today was “I’ll organise it next term”.

Cheap Monday

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Cheap Monday. Lomo Smena Symbol. Dressing room courtesy of American Apparel, Jeans courtesy of Cheap Monday and  Daniel. He may have even taken this photo, I can’t really remember. So possible credit where credit is possibly due.

It’s a gorgeous day, and I’m ignoring the fact that my house is a dump and I’m going to the Ballarat Mill Markets to spend money on vintage clothing that I shouldn’t really be spending. I’ll clean the house tonight.

I’ve become obsessed with Etsy. Will post some favourite stores up later, but the sun is so shiny I can’t possibly stay inside. Today is going to be better than yesterday, which resulted in me coming to a few realisations about myself and ended in tears.

I’m really excited that after only a week, people are reading my blog! Thanks guys!