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I finally got a film back I’d taken in Paris and Cork, Ireland. No prints yet, but I scanned the negatives and I thought these came out alright. Currently incredibly pissed off at the owner of the Mill Markets in Ballarat, because he/she decided two days before my exhibition that putting stalls in the artspace would make more money. Hence, no exhibition.

Today I spent far too much money on wool, and spent an hour and a half in the doctor’s waiting room. Now my house smells like bacon.


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happy easter

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someone had the right idea.

Stained glass novels.

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I despise organised religion. However, I find some of its creations stunningly beautiful.

I decided this morning to write a novel. I don’t care if no one reads it. It will say what I want it to say. So far, I have an idea, a protagonist and an ending. I’m fairly sure the rest is just filler.

Stay tuned for excerpts!


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Sometimes imperfection is what makes things beautiful.

Bolts, Chimes & Electric Hummingbirds.

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While in Paris in early December last year, I had the privilege of meeting a wonderful guy named Bastien, who very kindly showed a fellow traveller Lee and I around the oddities of Montmarte we surely wouldn’t have discovered alone. Bastien took us to see one of his exhibitions at “Le Cabinet des Curieux“, and I instantly fell in love with his dark, intriguing, simply beautiful pieces. You can find his work at his website, but I thought I would share a few of my favourites.

If you’re in Paris, go see this, but don’t tell me how good it is because I’d be ridiculously envious.

Père Lachaise

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The resting place of Jim Morrison, and one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Lomo LC-A+