Hello, Ebay dress I can’t financially justify

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I shall wear the shit out of you.

(This is not me, it is the model in the picture. They have a blog, too)

Today will be excellent, we’re going to Savers (thrift superstore), Vegie Bar on Brunswick st for lunch, and lots of photo-ing armed with Box Brownies, a Smena and the good old LC-A+. I love Melbourne.


Power shoulders and velvet.

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Whilst my boyfriend blogs about art, politics and philosophy, I blog about shoulder embellishments and fake velvet and pull weird faces. Ironically, my webcam makes the embellishments and velvet near invisible, just leaving the ridiculous faces. Woe.

$4 embellished bolero from op shop, velvet Lisa Ho dress $40 ebay, velvetine dress $20 H&M, Jacket $7 from op shop (with velvet lapels you can’t see in the shitty webcam argh!)

Most of my outfits cost under $50.

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I went through my wardrobe tonight, and realised that at least half of the contents cost less than $5. You’d think that would make me look like a hobo, but some of my favourite items are the cheapest. For example:

This entire outfit cost me $14.

(Blazer $4, Singlet $2, Tights $8)

This one, $16.

(Skirt worn as cape $1, Pashmina $5, Tights $8, Singlet $2)

And this one, $22.

(Singlet $2, Tights $8, Denim cutoffs $7, Black Cardigan with embellished shoulders (not that you can see those) $5)

ASH CAN HAS BARGAINS. I don’t think the excuse “i can’t afford good clothes” is valid. Please excuse the weird looks on my face, I’m not good at smiling 🙂