Dear Cornelius.

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This very attractive photo was taken by Geoff and features not only the man of my dreams, but also a man I would like to stress my appreciation and love for, Mark. Mark is one of my favourite people, and I am very, very glad he is here for me to have supernatural marathons with.

It has been said

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Life is better when you’re pompous.


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My Ruv.

We’re not all that normal

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Today Geoff, Kerry and I entered Dan Murphy’s with the intention of purchasing a bottle of wine.

We left Dan Murphy’s with 17 bottles. 17.

This of course, eventuated into a ridiculous photo being taken.

We then got Jamie on Skype, and judging by his facial expression he certainly appreciated our efforts.

We’re not all that normal.


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This is Geoff. I’m currently sitting on Geoff’s couch. I have no idea who took this photo. Geoff is incredible, and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a friend like him. You should all praise him. Become his minions. I have to go to work now at the children’s hospital, I’m having a million yucks.

Addition- I found out that Chris took this photo. Yayyy Chris.