I’m still counting.

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4 months of love today.

46 days until I see him again.

Probably not going to let him go back to England. Even if I have to chain him to my house.

I want to live here.

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And I could paint, and draw, and write, and not be bothered by anyone. We would have each other, and wouldn’t need anything else. Fill our cottage with art and music and words. I’d have a step-through bike with a basket, and go and get fresh vegetables in the morning. We wouldn’t have a TV, because there is so much to see and create. Lazy mornings with an endless teapot and books and blankets. Someone please, send me there.

[no idea where this picture is from, sorry to whoever I should credit.]


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The presence of scaffolding is disappointing.

Today I am taking my sister to see Alice in Wonderland.

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la la la la

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This is not how it looks. Jamie had a hole in his pants, and I was inspecting it.

I have decided that moving to England is really my only option. I am going to apply for my registration to work as a physio in the UK later this year, and I will most likely be there by mid 2011.

I feel so, so relieved to have made a decision. I choose love.

Send me over.

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Would you drop everything to move 10,000 miles for love?
I don’t know what’s stopping me. I’m not sure I’m brave enough.

A retort so ridiculous I couldn’t respond.

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I recently commented on this blog.

Over the past forty years successive governments have betrayed the indigenous white working class population of this country, our manufacturing base is practically non-existent, we have had every one of our home based industries sold from under our feet to foreign conglomerates which have in turn meant our manufacturing base is non-existent, the time when a 16-year-old could leave school and find a decent apprenticeship is long gone, everything today is short term contract based work, no job today has security which means one cannot look to the future and plan.

The majority of unskilled work now goes to foreign immigrants and this is causing great antagonism and anger, we are constantly being told by New Labour that foreign immigrants only do the work our supposedly lazy Indigenous workforce refuse to do, this is utter rubbish, the foreign workforce has driven down the wages of our workforce to the stage it is unable to survive on the wages that the greedy employers pay the migrants, If this continues and immigration is not HALTED then we will see civil war in this country.

We must protect our indigenous white workforce before others get employment, we must also give our white indigenous population first pick when it comes to social housing, schooling, and all medical services(NHS).

In some parts of our country we have over 150 different languages spoken in some areas, this causes great hardship on local services, schooling for our children suffers as the numbers of children expected to be taught increases/class numbers.

The other serious problem in our country today is the problem of the Islamization of our country and the hatred from Muslims of our country, our government has closed its eyes to this problem for too long and we are having to pay the price, the politicians have tried to socially engineer our society to be an ethnically diverse country, this experiment has been a complete failure and is destroying the indigenous populations culture and way of life, people need to sit up and look at what is going on around them…………”

My response-

I am Australian, and I will soon be one of those terrifying immigrants you speak of, to move over to be with my boyfriend. (Who in fact, is in the “Debate” part of your blogroll.)
I will be working for the NHS as a physiotherapist for children with disabilities, an area that is always lacking in skill and staffing.
Should they keep me out? Or is it ok, because I am white?

His response-  (If you could call it that)

It makes no diffrence to me what colour you are as I have previously stated on this blog, (NOTE, he specifically refers to his “white workforce” in his blog) I am talking about numbers and cultures.

Islam does not fit in with the western culture just as the wests does not fit in with Islam, they are totally seperate ideologies and cannot live side by side.

As for you coming over here and working for the NHS i think it is wrong, we have plenty of qualified people here already but they wish to leave their country of birth because they see their country having no future, they do not wish to bring their children up in a country that will not defend itself or protect it’s own heritage/culture or people.(I’m fairly sure this sentence comes to the general conclusion that “all the qualified people have left England, and there are no children here now, hence you contributing to our public health system is wrong”- WTF?)

And finally, yes they should keep you out, why? because we don’t need anymore here like your boyfriend……


I didn’t actually even know how to respond to that, it was that ridiculous.

How can people like this exist, and actually have supporters? Am I the only one that is actually shocked by the ignorance and stupidity of this guy? PLEASE comment to this post, I need to regain faith in humankind.


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There are only 90 days left, until I see Jamie again. I’ve never been one to count down to things, but this time it’s different.

Jamie lives in Leicester,  England. I live in Victoria, Australia. It’s possibly THE longest distance relationship two people could have. The last time we saw each other was the 3rd of January. He’s coming to Australia on the 15th of June. I have never been so excited about an event that is so far in the future.

Jamieeeeee come here nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww