Grapefruit juice.

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I put one of my drawings on the wall today (Excuse the terrible quality of the photograph). I was quite proud, really, to have produced something I felt was worthy of putting on the wall.I’m getting proud of my little house, too. It’s looking better all the time.

Today I have had water and grapefruit juice. That’s it. I’m attempting a hardcore detox/feel better/wake up sort of plan, but man. Grapefruit juice tastes like shit. I’ll let you know in a week or so if it actually works.
I’m going to go and write for a couple of hours now. It’ll keep my mind off the fact that my body is burning billions of toxins and each and every one is going to make me feel like I’ve been trampled on.


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Is not my forte.

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I have a sweet shag rug.

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And I found this drawing of Bridie, from yeeeears ago. Sharpie most likely. I would LOVE to see this on a wall somewhere.

To call it art?

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This is an old blog, from another blog, I am about to reblog.

Whilst in my second year at uni, I began to unintentionally collect a barrage of metcards in the bottom of my bag. A daily part of metropolitan life, these little cards of annoyance are generally always either left on the train, or expire 3 minutes earlier than required to get through the automatic gates. The only thing that metcards are in fact good at, is being drawn on in a shitty fashion with ballpoint pen whilst waiting for public transport. Over time I have accumulated quite a few which have been drawn on by friends, strangers and of course, Chopper Read.

At an exhibition opening in Collingwood, (or was it Richmond?) after sipping on free beer, making my humble judgement on the work displayed, and making semi-intellectual conversation with artistic types, I elegantly ran to the nearest pub to urgently go to the toilet. On my way back, with two friends accompanying me, I saw who else, but Chopper Read standing hunched over a painting on the ground, which he was splaying paint on out of a squeezy bottle in the manner in which I would put tomato sauce on my chips. Not being one to miss an excellent opportunity to cavort with earless criminals, I allowed myself to be convinced to tap on the window. The result?

My own piece of Chopper paraphernalia, and an exquisite art piece in itself. Perhaps I should switch to using squeezy bottles?

Irish river

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I had a terrible day not long ago, and had a particularly large outburst of creativity as a result. It’s quite frustrating, when I’m happy I generally can’t draw the way I can when life shits on me. This took an hour. I haven’t drawn a thing in about 3 years. I may have a hidden talent??  It’s charcoal, but the low-res mobile phone camera has altered the texture.. I like it!

This river, I visited in Cork, Ireland with a wonderful guy I met there, Miles.