One New Years Eve.

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This is one of my favourite photos, taken of Daniel and Bridie- two very excellent people, one new years’ eve at my old place in Kensington.

I’m off work sick today, waiting for the man from Jim’s Mowing to come around and hack my nature strip. My eyes won’t stop watering, my body aches and I’m freezing even though I have a woolen jacket on and the heater blaring. Blergh.


Multiple exposure FTW.

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My friend Bridie edited two of my photos a couple of years ago. I think this looks awesome. Multiple exposure FTW.

Bolts, Chimes & Electric Hummingbirds.

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While in Paris in early December last year, I had the privilege of meeting a wonderful guy named Bastien, who very kindly showed a fellow traveller Lee and I around the oddities of Montmarte we surely wouldn’t have discovered alone. Bastien took us to see one of his exhibitions at “Le Cabinet des Curieux“, and I instantly fell in love with his dark, intriguing, simply beautiful pieces. You can find his work at his website, but I thought I would share a few of my favourites.

If you’re in Paris, go see this, but don’t tell me how good it is because I’d be ridiculously envious.