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I really like my job, but I have far too much responsibility for someone who has just come out of uni.

My camera is still broken, which is hella frustrating and is affecting my ability to blog due to lack of photos.

I am now a redhead. That’s right. Full on ranga.

Today I got a pay rise and back pay. And what will I spend it on? That’s right, dentistry.


Update on knitting: 1/8 of scarf completed. I’m rockin’ it.

Our time will come.

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My first Diana Mini roll was entirely overexposed, due to my error. I still got a couple of shots I liked though.

Also, go check out Anwa‘s blog. I do.

My Diana Mini is here!

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This means a road trip up to Bendigo to pick it up. In other news, I will most likely have my first article published in a physiotherapy journal within about a month. Hoorayyyyyyy. I am living on different varieties of home made juice because I bought a new blender. I just had a breakfast smoothie, it was INCREDIBLE.

Rice milk

I could live on this drink forever.
It is also now less than 2 months before Jamie gets here. I’m the tiniest bit worried about this volcano business.

Lomo Diana Mini

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I just had to buy it.