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I really like my job, but I have far too much responsibility for someone who has just come out of uni.

My camera is still broken, which is hella frustrating and is affecting my ability to blog due to lack of photos.

I am now a redhead. That’s right. Full on ranga.

Today I got a pay rise and back pay. And what will I spend it on? That’s right, dentistry.


Update on knitting: 1/8 of scarf completed. I’m rockin’ it.

Back at home!

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This is my englishman playing soccer in my dad’s backyard in Tassie, taken with his Diana mini. I go back to work tomorrow, after 2 weeks off. I’m not overly excited about this. I’ll be back to blogging regularly now, as I’m actually home!

Sex pistols

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This is a photo of my mum and dad back before I existed. If you look carefully you can see that it says “Sex Pistols” on the wall behind them. This will always be my favourite photo. It sits in a frame in my lounge room.

6 days until I drive to pick up Jamie from the airport. Still not feeling real. He has some new photos up he took with his Diana Mini, you should go look!

I bought a pair of denim shorts off ebay, and they arrived with a free “versace” white vintage singlet. It was odd, but no complaints 🙂

Yet another end of roll image.

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I like.

I have had an interesting week, to say the least. Work has been hectic, reports for the kids are due and I’ve had to write around 50. This is one of the main reasons I’ve been such an infrequent blogger. That, and I have a few films needing developing that I just haven’t gotten to yet.

Jamie gets here in 12 days. I’m excited, but it still doesn’t feel real.

It’s been reinforced to me this week that you can’t take people at face value. Someone who has been very nice to my face, was the opposite behind my back and it really hurt not only me, but other people. Trust factor 0. Bit of a rollercoaster week, really.

Our time will come.

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My first Diana Mini roll was entirely overexposed, due to my error. I still got a couple of shots I liked though.

Also, go check out Anwa‘s blog. I do.


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Today is Daniel’s birthday. Daniel is one of my best friends. I ruv.


Go visit his blog, I enjoy it.

In other news, I almost passed out today at a dance class. Full on, black-in-front-of-the-eyes semi pass out. I think today I may have eaten too many plums, and not enough bread. Or something. Isn’t that how it goes?

I got my Diana Mini in the mail. I’m hoping Ballarat decides to stop being a bitch so I can go out and take photos of it on the weekend. I’m not sure I’m going to survive this winter.

My Diana Mini is here!

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This means a road trip up to Bendigo to pick it up. In other news, I will most likely have my first article published in a physiotherapy journal within about a month. Hoorayyyyyyy. I am living on different varieties of home made juice because I bought a new blender. I just had a breakfast smoothie, it was INCREDIBLE.

Rice milk

I could live on this drink forever.
It is also now less than 2 months before Jamie gets here. I’m the tiniest bit worried about this volcano business.

A walk with Oscar

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These are from my gorgeous english gentleman’s first ever roll from a Diana Mini, using Redscale film. They make me ridiculously excited about getting my own Diana… post from ebay takes too long!!! I love these photos. And his face.  Click this to see some of Jamie’s digital photography.

Lomo Diana Mini

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I just had to buy it.