Fashion blog take 2

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So, I started one, then deleted it, and restarted it. Here’s the new one- which will now not be deleted. Hooorayyyyyy! Click below. Sorry about the confusion Anwa 🙂

Follow it on bloglovin! I am friendless yet again!


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I really like my job, but I have far too much responsibility for someone who has just come out of uni.

My camera is still broken, which is hella frustrating and is affecting my ability to blog due to lack of photos.

I am now a redhead. That’s right. Full on ranga.

Today I got a pay rise and back pay. And what will I spend it on? That’s right, dentistry.


Update on knitting: 1/8 of scarf completed. I’m rockin’ it.


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Thank you for reading.

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Hello. My name is Ash. I am 23 years old. I am a paediatric physiotherapist.  I like sweet potato. Today a man came and put new light bulbs in my house and they hurt my eyes. The hairdresser put a steam globe over my head and it made my eyelashes stick together. I have a new old hat and some sweet shoulderpads. Thank you for reading.

ADDITION: can someone bring me some lollies plz.

EXTRA ADDITION: it’s ok, I went and got some from the petrol station.


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Today is Daniel’s birthday. Daniel is one of my best friends. I ruv.


Go visit his blog, I enjoy it.

In other news, I almost passed out today at a dance class. Full on, black-in-front-of-the-eyes semi pass out. I think today I may have eaten too many plums, and not enough bread. Or something. Isn’t that how it goes?

I got my Diana Mini in the mail. I’m hoping Ballarat decides to stop being a bitch so I can go out and take photos of it on the weekend. I’m not sure I’m going to survive this winter.


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I know I haven’t been as good a blogger lately, but I’ve been feeling like shit, been insanely busy and having a mini creative rut. Tonight, Jamie made me feel a whole lot better, by showing what he really thinks about my intelligent mind-

I shudder to think of what our children are going to turn out like.

I’m getting a film back tomorrow, with some good shots (I hope) of friends and Melbourne. Will scan/post/attribute words to ASAP.

Who reads this??

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Lomo LC-A+

I’m getting from 100-250 views a day, and about 10-15 people have commented on my blog, total. I’m really curious as to who the other people are who are following my outbursts of bullshit and creativity. If you follow my blog regularly, could you comment this blog? I’m just really curious as to who the other 100 people are. I’m sure they’re not a different hundred every day.

I’m off to Melbourne now, to see my lovely friends, drop one particularly lovely friend off at the airport, do an NDT course, work at the hospital and go to Kerry’s “High Tea” birthday party. I’ll be back Sunday, with photos.

My Diana Mini has been held up in postage apparently, but I’m saving the Velvia and Sensia for it. Agfa attack this weekend. Book to read on the train this week- Albert Camus, “The Plague.”

69 days.

why tarantulatrash?

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I get asked a lot why my blog is called “tarantulatrash”-

The original idea came from one of my favourite pieces of writing, “Tarantula” by Bob Dylan.
Tarantula is a book of complete nonsense. Dylan used stream-of-thought writing and created a whimsical, confusing and melodic series of ideas/situations/mind-exploding nonsensical bullshit.

I see Dylan’s tarantula as  “fuck you” to society- he knew it was nonsense. He knew no-one would understand it, at all. He wanted to see people “create” meaning from within the nonsense. And indeed, they have. It highlights how crucial interpretation is in the value of art. To be honest, if anyone else had written this piece it would likely have never have reached publication. Instead, it has a cult following. I love it.

“…. You must have something to do in your real life – I understand that you praised the piece you saw yesterday entitled “The Monkey Taster” about which you said meant “a nice work of butter carved into the shape of a young man who likes only African women” you are an idiot – it doesn’t mean that at all…I hereby want nothing to do with your hang-ups-I really don’t care what you think of my work as I now know you don’t understand it anyway…I must go now-I have this new hunk of margarine waiting in the bathtub – yes I said MARGARINE & next week I just might decide to use cream cheese – & I really don’t care what you think of my experimenting – you take yourself too seriously – you’re going to get an ulcer and go to the hospital-they’ll put you in a ward where you can’t have any visitors-you’ll go right off your nut-I really don’t care anymore-I am so bored with your rules and regulations that I might not even talk to you again-just remember tho, when you evaluate a piece of butter, you are talking about yourself, so you’d better sign your name…see you if you’re lucky at Mrs. Keelers cake festival.

Snowplow Floater

p.s – you’re my friend & I’m trying to help you”


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I’ve hit 1000 views in 13 days! THANKS GUYS!!!!! And to show my appreciation, here is a very attractive  photo of me in my emergency hat.

I’m not really sure…

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Luke and Liam, circa New Years 2009? Lomo LC-A+. One of my favourites. Liam looks so utterly content.

It’s Friday, thank god, and I’m about to have a massive weekend

– Sister’s 21st dinner tonight in Bendigo (Happy birthday Paigie)

-Go to see Geoff and Kerry in Melbourne

-Work tomorrow morning at the Children’s Hospital

-Help Gianna drive things around in the afternoon

-? Gig on Saturday night

-Drive back to Ballarat Sunday

-Aquatic rescue course Sunday afternoon

So amongst all that, I MAY not have time to blog. We’ll see how it goes.

Off to work. blerghhhhhh

Obsession du jour

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There are countless fashion blogs around, but not many of them can keep my attention and make me continue to read them. In my opinion, a good blogger needs to share a little about them, and reveal a bit of their personality through their posts. One blog in particular has kept my interest for over a year. You should go look! Click the title and see Tamara’s blog at

She also has an ebay store, but if you’re a reader of her blog you can sometimes grab items before they go into the store. I just like looking at her photos!

St Pat’s day and Buckfast.

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It’s St Patrick’s day, so I thought I’d post a photo from Ireland. (A charcoal I did of this image is in my blog somewhere, one of the first posts I think)

The week I spent in Cork was ridiculous. I didn’t go to bed earlier than 6am once, gained about 5 kilos from eating chips with garlic mayonnaise, and was introduced by a certain Australian guy to the most lethal wine I have encountered –  Buckfast.

This shit is brutal. It’s packed full of caffeine, has a high alcohol content and is so sweet you can drink half a bottle at the same rate you would swig a can of coke.  There is controversy surrounding it for “causing antisocial behaviour”. I can’t remember a lot that happened after my encounter with Buckie, but I’m sure that night could be put under the “antisocial” umbrella. From memory, the night ended with myself and another backpacker wandering the street at 4am looking for a hotel room, when we already had beds back at our own hostel. Buckfast=Mess. I would most definitely drink it again.

Before the Buckie experience began (we were seemingly already blurred). Notice the massive bottles of 3 Euro Tesco cider. We were all class in Cork.

Happy St Pat’s day guys! Thanks for reading my blog by the way. I’m so pumped that people are actually reading it 🙂


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I’m writing this whilst sitting on my brand new black leather couch, in the gorgeous little minors cottage I am now the occupant of. It’s a beautiful night, the sort of Aussie summer night where you open the doors to the house to let the breeze in, whilst slathered in Aeroguard and armed with a can of Mortein. I have a Diet Coke with ice, I’m playing Portishead, I have a new, considerably higher income from a job I so far adore, and I HAVE INDEPENDENCE!!!

You would think that in my situation I would be content. The truth, however, is that I am far from it.

I am in love with someone who lives a mere 24 hour flight away. Sitting here, the silence isn’t soothing, but a deafening reminder of the fact that he isn’t here with me. I feel like my life is on hold, like everything I am doing up until I see him again is just filling in time.

Today, I filled my bookcase, and subconsciously put Ginsberg, Wordsworth and Kerouac on the top shelf, because they are our favourites. I placed a photo of London by my bed. Our scrapbook went straight onto the coffee table, and his T shirt into the top drawer of my bedside table. I thought about where he would put his clothes, and whether we would both fit on the couch.

I have never felt like part of me is missing, like I do right now. I feel incomplete, even lost. I wish I could drop everything and jump on a plane tomorrow. I know I’m not brave enough.

So I will sit and think and set up my drumkit, drink far too many diet-friendly carcinogens and go to bed wishing I was somewhere else.

This sucks.