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Candids on the internet- Y or N?

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I’m interested to know what people think about taking candid photos.

I love candids, and I see a lot of them floating around on blogs; particularly on fashion blogs. I wouldn’t mind if someone posted a candid of me, but I know some people would. Is it OK to post them as long as their face isn’t showing? Or do you just post them regardless?  I don’t often find the opportunity to take a candid shot as I feel if people saw me, they would think I was some sort of creep and possibly chase me down the street.

This candid, for instance, is of a painfully cute little girl chasing seagulls with a stick. I feel it’s ok to post it on a blog because her face isn’t showing. If her face was showing, and for some reason her parents saw her posted on a 23 year old amateur photographer’s blog, I feel they would be totally pissed off.

I need opinions!!!

Irish river

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I had a terrible day not long ago, and had a particularly large outburst of creativity as a result. It’s quite frustrating, when I’m happy I generally can’t draw the way I can when life shits on me. This took an hour. I haven’t drawn a thing in about 3 years. I may have a hidden talent??  It’s charcoal, but the low-res mobile phone camera has altered the texture.. I like it!

This river, I visited in Cork, Ireland with a wonderful guy I met there, Miles.