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I finally got a film back I’d taken in Paris and Cork, Ireland. No prints yet, but I scanned the negatives and I thought these came out alright. Currently incredibly pissed off at the owner of the Mill Markets in Ballarat, because he/she decided two days before my exhibition that putting stalls in the artspace would make more money. Hence, no exhibition.

Today I spent far too much money on wool, and spent an hour and a half in the doctor’s waiting room. Now my house smells like bacon.

Today I am going to learn to knit.

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For the past two weeks Jamie has been dragging me to the gym every day. I ran 10km on Monday, and I was so proud. Now, my hip is screwed and I can barely walk. Why am I telling you this? Because screwing my hip means I now have time to blog whilst Jamie is at the gym. I have a couple of things to update you on:

  • My exhibition “the aesthetic of imperfection” has now changed date and venue. It will now be at the Ballarat Mill Markets, which is awesome because a lot more people will see my stuff. The opening is on August 7th, 4-6.
  • My LC-A+ is still broken.
  • I have salvaged a few photos from the film the LC-A died whilst taking, and have just scanned the negatives- no prints yet. I imagine the prints will be significantly different.

  • I have purchased wool, and tonight I plan on learning to knit.

I will blog again soon! I miss you guys! I’m just making the most of having my boyfriend here, and that generally doesn’t involve sitting in front of the computer.


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My friend Geoff has very recently become rampantly passionate about Box Brownies. These were taken with a Six-20 Bullseye. To convert 120 to be compatible with a 620 camera, he shaves around the edges of the 120 spool.

This is the backyard of my cottage, featuring me and Kerry. I believe in the second shot I was attempting not to fall off the little wall of bricks. I like the light leaks. I also like my cottage.

In other news, we just realised that the mulled wine we made in the slow cooker a week ago, is in fact still in the slow cooker today. We are reheating, mulling, consuming. Is that disgusting?

Jamie leaves England tomorrow, and will be with me by Tuesday night. Completion.

UPDATE: To drink mulled wine that has been fermenting for a week is an error.

Dear Prudence.

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I know I’ve been a bad blogger!!!!! I won’t be from now on!! It’s been what, a week?

20 days!!!


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I am having an exhibition in July 🙂  It is being held at a gorgeous vintage store/gallery space on Sturt street, Ballarat, Dear Prudence Vintage, and will run for a month.

I have a 2X2 metre white wall space,  a bench and if I need it, a 1X2 black piece of wall/board. The next couple of weeks are going to be spent scrapping idea after idea until I can appease my perfectionist self.


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People jump on your car when it is parked outside your house.
People steal your mail from your mail box.
You get kept awake by people cutting fully sick laps.
People wear slippers in the supermarket.
Haggard men follow you making cat noises;
and the girl with the slicked back pony tail who works in the shop always wants to talk to you that tiny bit too long.


It has incredible op shops.
The local art scene is doing alright for itself.
You can afford a wonderful place for the price of a shanty in Melbourne.
There is a place that does incredibly good pizza.
When you go out, you are usually dressed better than 98% of people;
and the entire town is a lomographers dream.

I want a typewriter.

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Does anyone have a typewriter they want to get rid of or sell for cheap? I’m fair broke, and all the ones on ebay are going for up near $100. I could pick up from Ballarat, Geelong, Melbourne or Bendigo. It would have to be in working order, of course, and I don’t really want an electronic one. Thanks! Tell your friends! Tell your friends’ friends!


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Diet starts right now. yuckkkkk

B ack to Ballarat, for Aquatic rescue course, double yuckkkkk

I also really, really don’t want to put pants on.

I’m fairly sure I haven’t posted this photo before, if I have, can someone tell me? I can’t be bothered checking. LC-A+. Slide film.

I’m not really sure…

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Luke and Liam, circa New Years 2009? Lomo LC-A+. One of my favourites. Liam looks so utterly content.

It’s Friday, thank god, and I’m about to have a massive weekend

– Sister’s 21st dinner tonight in Bendigo (Happy birthday Paigie)

-Go to see Geoff and Kerry in Melbourne

-Work tomorrow morning at the Children’s Hospital

-Help Gianna drive things around in the afternoon

-? Gig on Saturday night

-Drive back to Ballarat Sunday

-Aquatic rescue course Sunday afternoon

So amongst all that, I MAY not have time to blog. We’ll see how it goes.

Off to work. blerghhhhhh

Roller Derby

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New sport of choice = Roller Derby. I start “fresh meat” sessions next week, hopefully. I’m attempting to drag people from work with me.

I figure it will be easier to drag myself to roller derby, than to the gym.

Cheap Monday

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Cheap Monday. Lomo Smena Symbol. Dressing room courtesy of American Apparel, Jeans courtesy of Cheap Monday and  Daniel. He may have even taken this photo, I can’t really remember. So possible credit where credit is possibly due.

It’s a gorgeous day, and I’m ignoring the fact that my house is a dump and I’m going to the Ballarat Mill Markets to spend money on vintage clothing that I shouldn’t really be spending. I’ll clean the house tonight.

I’ve become obsessed with Etsy. Will post some favourite stores up later, but the sun is so shiny I can’t possibly stay inside. Today is going to be better than yesterday, which resulted in me coming to a few realisations about myself and ended in tears.

I’m really excited that after only a week, people are reading my blog! Thanks guys!

Bakery Hill Bastards

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I was a monster child, apparently. By Dev @ Dev-estate

In other news, I got home today and realised that the night before, someone had jumped on top of my car, cracking it and leaving footprints. This is but two weeks after my Valentine’s day package was stolen out my mailbox and thrown in the creek. ARGH. I live really close to the centre of town, which is great. Coincidentally, I also live near said creek, which appears to be some form of overpopulated haven of chroming youths with a penchant for methylated spirits and plastic jackets.

In my search for an appropriate term for these pieces of scum, I went to no other than Urban Dictionary. Upon searching the term “tiprat” I was then linked to the term “Westie”. The first, and voted as most accurate, definition that came up was-

A very under mannered person dealing in drugs and wearing raggy clothes eg: Dada!!!! Mainly found in Wendouree WEST, Ballarat.
“Get out of my garbage bin you fucking westie, it’s not my fault you couldn’t be fucked picking up your Centerlink payment”

Also in the top ten, was-

A westie is a person that wears clothes such as dada, starts fights (mainly in the rotunda outside Bakery Hill McDonalds, Ballarat), deals and uses drugs. The male version of a westie can vary, having tattoos, piercings, is involved with more than one girl and is most likely a father to a child somewhere. The female version of a westie, tends to have more than one child to many different fathers, they may have tattoos and piercings and tend to mouth off at other females.

Westies are generally found in Wendouree West, but can also be found in other comission houses in the Ballarat area.
They have common unoriginal names such as Steph and Joe.

You fucking westie! Get your drug-fucked head out of my fridge, and get out of my house!

Quite hilariously, I live around 3 blocks from Bakery Hills McDonalds, Ballarat.

I am planning my revenge.


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I’m writing this whilst sitting on my brand new black leather couch, in the gorgeous little minors cottage I am now the occupant of. It’s a beautiful night, the sort of Aussie summer night where you open the doors to the house to let the breeze in, whilst slathered in Aeroguard and armed with a can of Mortein. I have a Diet Coke with ice, I’m playing Portishead, I have a new, considerably higher income from a job I so far adore, and I HAVE INDEPENDENCE!!!

You would think that in my situation I would be content. The truth, however, is that I am far from it.

I am in love with someone who lives a mere 24 hour flight away. Sitting here, the silence isn’t soothing, but a deafening reminder of the fact that he isn’t here with me. I feel like my life is on hold, like everything I am doing up until I see him again is just filling in time.

Today, I filled my bookcase, and subconsciously put Ginsberg, Wordsworth and Kerouac on the top shelf, because they are our favourites. I placed a photo of London by my bed. Our scrapbook went straight onto the coffee table, and his T shirt into the top drawer of my bedside table. I thought about where he would put his clothes, and whether we would both fit on the couch.

I have never felt like part of me is missing, like I do right now. I feel incomplete, even lost. I wish I could drop everything and jump on a plane tomorrow. I know I’m not brave enough.

So I will sit and think and set up my drumkit, drink far too many diet-friendly carcinogens and go to bed wishing I was somewhere else.

This sucks.