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this photobooth made me look like i have dirt running down my neck. damn chapel st.  i don’t, really.

i deleted the fashion blog because i was lazy- isn’t that appalling!???
i know i’ve been really, really bad at blogging lately- i’m sorry! just insanely busy and my camera is still broken. i’ve managed to lose around 4-5 kilos since jamie left, which is the single perk.  he also set up his own photography website, go look!

ultimate frisbee tournament tomorrow for the Victorian Teacher’s Games. pumped!!!!

i have also decided that i’m going to do nanowrimo. someone else do it with me!

ALSO, i am obsessed with finding out what the background music is on this site- FRAVSHOP.COM. they not only have GREAT clothing, I have had the background music on loop for at least an hour.

The reason I’ve been a bad blogger..

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Lots of things have been happening! I’ve spent the past week in Tasmania with my gorgeous Englishman, away from phone reception and internet. I also have some terrible, terrible news.

My LC-A+ is broken. The shutter release is fucked.

Jamie took this with his Canon 400D. I think it’s spectacular.

I have a roll I’ve been waiting 3 weeks to get back, and one half roll of slide film from when my LC-A broke. Devastated.
In other news, it is true that boyfriends make you fat. I’ve gained about 4 kilos since he got here three weeks ago. AWESOME. HOORAY.

My Diana Mini is here!

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This means a road trip up to Bendigo to pick it up. In other news, I will most likely have my first article published in a physiotherapy journal within about a month. Hoorayyyyyyy. I am living on different varieties of home made juice because I bought a new blender. I just had a breakfast smoothie, it was INCREDIBLE.

Rice milk

I could live on this drink forever.
It is also now less than 2 months before Jamie gets here. I’m the tiniest bit worried about this volcano business.

Death camp.

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This was a death camp in Edinburgh. It sits on top of the hill. Prisoners were made to sleep on the ground in the snow. If they moved, everyone around them would be shot, and they would be spared to deal with the guilt. How horrendously vicious!

I am currently detoxing. I have lived on grapefruit juice and water for the past 2 days. It’s SOOOO boring. However, I’m not particularly hungry, I feel quite good and I’ve lost 2.4 kilos in 48 hours.

Grapefruit juice.

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I put one of my drawings on the wall today (Excuse the terrible quality of the photograph). I was quite proud, really, to have produced something I felt was worthy of putting on the wall.I’m getting proud of my little house, too. It’s looking better all the time.

Today I have had water and grapefruit juice. That’s it. I’m attempting a hardcore detox/feel better/wake up sort of plan, but man. Grapefruit juice tastes like shit. I’ll let you know in a week or so if it actually works.
I’m going to go and write for a couple of hours now. It’ll keep my mind off the fact that my body is burning billions of toxins and each and every one is going to make me feel like I’ve been trampled on.


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Diet starts right now. yuckkkkk

B ack to Ballarat, for Aquatic rescue course, double yuckkkkk

I also really, really don’t want to put pants on.

I’m fairly sure I haven’t posted this photo before, if I have, can someone tell me? I can’t be bothered checking. LC-A+. Slide film.

Cab Sauv

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Edinburgh Castle, LC-A+, cross processed slide film.

I’m feeling less than great today, I’ve had half a bottle of cleanskins Cab Sauv and I’m thinking bed might be a good idea. Having the metabolism of a dead tortoise sucks. So does having a boyfriend who lives a 24 hour plane ride away. I miss him 😦