Jungle jungle

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I have a pretty pretty Sony Cybershot and new shoeesssss!! Here is a moderately weird self portrait in which I have some form of leaf product in my hair. I’ve had 2 weeks off work but barely been home. I’ve also been trying to kill a horrendous coldsore for the past week. I’m soooo sexy. In other news, pleeeease check out my fashion blog.

Fashion blog take 2

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So, I started one, then deleted it, and restarted it. Here’s the new one- which will now not be deleted. Hooorayyyyyy! Click below. Sorry about the confusion Anwa 🙂

Follow it on bloglovin! I am friendless yet again!


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this photobooth made me look like i have dirt running down my neck. damn chapel st.  i don’t, really.

i deleted the fashion blog because i was lazy- isn’t that appalling!???
i know i’ve been really, really bad at blogging lately- i’m sorry! just insanely busy and my camera is still broken. i’ve managed to lose around 4-5 kilos since jamie left, which is the single perk.  he also set up his own photography website, go look!

ultimate frisbee tournament tomorrow for the Victorian Teacher’s Games. pumped!!!!

i have also decided that i’m going to do nanowrimo. someone else do it with me!

ALSO, i am obsessed with finding out what the background music is on this site- FRAVSHOP.COM. they not only have GREAT clothing, I have had the background music on loop for at least an hour.

Dear Cornelius.

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This very attractive photo was taken by Geoff and features not only the man of my dreams, but also a man I would like to stress my appreciation and love for, Mark. Mark is one of my favourite people, and I am very, very glad he is here for me to have supernatural marathons with.


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