Back at home!

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This is my englishman playing soccer in my dad’s backyard in Tassie, taken with his Diana mini. I go back to work tomorrow, after 2 weeks off. I’m not overly excited about this. I’ll be back to blogging regularly now, as I’m actually home!

I want a bike.

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With a basket and sweet vintage step-through style. LC-A+, AGFA 200.

I just played truth or dare with Jamie for an hour. The bastard just kept saying “truth”. I think he may have been scared of what my dare would be.
It may have involved nudity.
It’s late, and I’m tired. I bought 9 pairs of underwear today, all exactly the same.

I am sick of hearing about/ seeing “fixies”.  Apparently this is becoming a subculture of its own in Melbourne? With a hierarchy of fixie enthusiast stature?

I have become obsessed with Waterfords Apple Berry Natural Mineral Water.

I’m really not making a lot of sense.


Ghost team

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This image is entirely unedited. I know it’s not very sharp, but the colours!!! LC-A+ combined with Fujifilm = heaven.  (I’m also shocked that the grass on our footy field was actually green. I worked for this football team for 2 years as a trainer, and I can’t remember the ground being green once. )

Roller Derby

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New sport of choice = Roller Derby. I start “fresh meat” sessions next week, hopefully. I’m attempting to drag people from work with me.

I figure it will be easier to drag myself to roller derby, than to the gym.