Officially a Physio.

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I have graduated, after working full time as a physio for 4 months. It’s sort of an anticlimax. This is Alesha and me- she told me to blog about her.

What WAS exciting was finding out I got onto the Dean’s Honour List, for being in the top 5% of all La Trobe University graduates for 2010. HOORAYYYY.

I got a headache today, because I couldn’t move my head and crack my neck because of those stupid caps you have to wear.

In other news, 40 days left.

My Diana Mini is here!

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This means a road trip up to Bendigo to pick it up. In other news, I will most likely have my first article published in a physiotherapy journal within about a month. Hoorayyyyyyy. I am living on different varieties of home made juice because I bought a new blender. I just had a breakfast smoothie, it was INCREDIBLE.

Rice milk

I could live on this drink forever.
It is also now less than 2 months before Jamie gets here. I’m the tiniest bit worried about this volcano business.

Jager chaos

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I have always loved this image, as it captures the manic atmosphere of that night. Sometimes, I miss these days. It’s funny how things change.

Today I learnt how to put a dislocated hip ┬áback in its socket. I’m hardcore to the max.

Anyway, main purpose of this blog-

Can people give me a theme, or a quote, or a lyric, that they would like to see represented in an image? I’d like to be given some projects, to see how imaginative I can be. It can be ANYTHING. Even just a word.
I gave Jamie this project today, his theme was “Teacup”, suggested by Geoff. I will post his result, if he succeeds in his mission! I’m in Melbourne the next few days, doing a course in St Kilda. Lots of photos will ensue in the next couple of weeks.

I want my holidays!!

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While we’re on the topic of soft grain, I think that’s what gives this image something. This is Daniel. Lomo Smena Symbol.

Work is manic this week. It’s the last week of term, which means there are deadlines for reports, everyone is tired and my most used phrase today was “I’ll organise it next term”.